Tabloid Terrors 2: Nessie Tried to Pimp My Wife

Nessie is a womanizing homewrecker, and we aim to tell the world!

In this second parody of tabloids, we go after all that dwells underwater.

Find out what Fish Men are good for. Discover what sog monkeys do after dark. Join us for a giant squid orgy and learn about the world’s largest douchebag!

Here are five stories by S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer, along with three by guest authors Garry Charles, Mike Jones, and Steve Vernon – who provided a twisted Captain Nothing tale. Plus, we’ve sprinkled in more Fun Fallacies!

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Table of Contents:

A Heartfelt Introduction by S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer

“Nessie Tried to Pimp My Wife!” by Jerrod Balzer

“Devil Whale: World’s Largest Douchebag!” by S.D. Hintz

“Porn Massacre! Calamari on the Celeste Marie” by Garry Charles

“Fountain of Youth Discovered in Fish Man’s Testicles!” by Mike Jones

“A Very Squishy Date Rape: Sog Monkeys After Dark” by Jerrod Balzer

“Cock Tower: The Cumslinger (A Sticky Poo Napkin Special Report)” by S.D. Hintz

“Battle Royale: Captain Nothing Says: ‘Hoof in Mouth is a Beach!’ Film at Eleven” by Steve Vernon

“Golden Mermaid has Shitty Midget Fetish” by Jerrod Balzer


“This is the most twisted and depraved conglomeration of what-the-fuckery I have ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on!” ~ Adam J. Whitlatch, author of Weller: Land of Plenty

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