Tabloid Terrors 1: I was a Sasquatch Sex Slave

Sasquatch is real. His feet are as big as they say, but so is his… lust.

In this first book of the dark humor series spoofing on tabloids, you’ll see Bigfoot as you’ve never imagined.

Read how they terrorize Eskimos in the Arctic regions and grumpy old men in the Florida swamps. Learn of strange variations as they rampage through a castle party and battle Freakenstein as the Hairless Undead.

You will laugh, cringe, scream, vomit; it might even turn some of you freaks on. One thing is certain: the images will haunt you forever.

Here are seven tales by S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer, with an eighth story by K.H. Koehler.

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: The Origins of Tabloid Terrors and Skullvines Press

“I Was A Sasquatch Sex Slave” by Jerrod Balzer

“Freakenstein VS The Undead: Manmade Monster Found at Ancient Burial Site” by S.D. Hintz

“Scandalous Love Triangle Between Scientist and Two Bears (Says Yeti Clan Made Him Do It)” by Jerrod Balzer

“Bigbigfoot Conquers the World, Or, Monsters and Midgets Abound!” by K.H. Koehler

“TT Exclusive! Abduction Gone Bad: Trailer Trash Bigfoot Downs U.F.O.” by S.D. Hintz

“Abominable Snow Woman Bodyslams Igloo in Crazed Rampage” by Jerrod Balzer

“Ritzy Party Ruined by Raging Pets!” by S.D. Hintz

“Why Do Skunk Apes Stink?” by Jerrod Balzer

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  • Jarod Olson

    Jim Couch recommended this book to me. It is A great read. Thanks.

  • JerrodBalzer

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by :)